LTA Guidelines for safe tennis




  • This grid outlines a summary of the Government restrictions for each tier of restrictions across England and what that means for tennis activity — the grid now also includes details for Tier 4 area

  • Where activity is listed as permitted, this may still be subject to additional restrictions and protocols - venues, coaches, players and officials should therefore refer to the LTA's full COVID-19 secure detailed guidance

  • The same Tier 2 and Tier 3 rules also apply to people from these areas even if they travel to an area in a lower tier

  • The Government have confirmed that there is an exemption for indoor group tennis activity for disabled people and for under 18s (and also for organised activity for education) and it is safe and appropriate for activity for these groups to continue indoors in both Tier 2 and Tier 3 areas as long as it is done in line with the LTA's COVID-19 Secure guidelines for players, venues, coaches and officials. These exemptions also apply to travel guidelines for Tier 3, so these groups (plus parents/guardians and any necessary workforce) can travel into and out of Tier 3 areas for tennis activity where this is necessary to facilitate participation. 

  • There is also an exemption for outdoor group tennis activity for disabled people and for under 18s in Tier 4 areas, and it is again safe and appropriate for activity for these groups to continue as long as it is done in line with the LTA's COVID-19 Secure guidelines. The limited travel exemptions the Government have so far announced do not cover this, and so players from these groups should not travel into or out of a Tier 4 area to take part in tennis activity

  • This grid should be viewed in conjunction with the main LTA Coronavirus guidance documents for tennis players, venues, coaches and officials on the LTA website, which have been produced following the Government's publication of guidance for recreational sport and physical activity in relation to the tiered restrictions and Sport England's subsequent FAQs. Additional details for Tier 4 areas will be added to the documents once we have confirmation of full details from Government

  • This guidance is for recreational tennis — elite tennis is subject to separate strict protocols and can continue in line with these indoors and outdoors across all tiers

  •    Please refer to the main LTA coronavirus information page for all the latest coronavirus updates at



Court Booking

  • All bookings to be made via the website.

  • The maximum length of a session is 90min. 

  •  If no-one is waiting to use your court, you may continue playing but must stop as soon as other players arrive to use your court.



  • Access to the courts is via the side gate to the playground.

  • A roped off corridor connects the playground gate to the tennis courts.

  • Please note that the playground remains closed as per the government guidelines.

  • There is a combination lock to the courts and the number will be sent to you on the completion of a booking

  • Consider wearing gloves for opening gates.

  • Take sanitiser with you to use after touching hard services


  • Benches have been removed from the courts to minimise cross contamination.

  • Nets should already be at the correct height so that adjustment will not be required.

  • The net adjustment handle has been removed

  • Don’t forget to bring your own sanitizer to clean your hands after contact with gates, etc.

  • If you have any concerns regarding safety at the courts please email

  • Please do not leave rubbish on the courts – take everything you bring home with you.


We on the committee hope you all enjoy the opportunity to play some tennis again.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before the restrictions can be eased but this will only happen if we all observe these guidelines from the Government and the LTA which are necessary to stop the spread of the virus and keep us all safe.

It is advisable to check this post daily for any updates.

Here are the advice documents from the LTA…

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